About us

We are a couple of passionate tech guys. We have been doing stuff with computers for most of our life. Our purpose and goal is just to help manage and make your everyday IT needs as friction free as we can.

We like to test and experiment with new technology, and are always looking for opportunities to grow our knowledge. We have plenty of combined experience with IT managment, architecture and services.

The BitSector origin story

The company came together one afternoon in the fall of 2015. Lars-Petter had been contemplating the idea to have his own company for some time, since he where doing alot of IT related services for people, he figured he might as well get paid to do it. Bjørn already had a small one-man-band doing minor design and website projects and together we think we have a better platform to serve new and existing clients.

Our savings where put together to finance the capital and we were on our way!

Goals and mission

Any company large or small have a bunch of bold statements about their mission to make the world a better place and we are not short of any of the other tech companies out there.

Our mission

To do what all other technology and IT companies do. Just do it cooler!

We really do enjoy working with computers and hope to actually do some good in the process.

Company goals

  • To help create a safer world, one virtual server at the time!
  • By using open source software, we will bring peace to the outer rim of the galaxy, and costs down.
  • Remote managment makes for less pollution. (For real!) Car Off icon
  • To have fun, learn something everyday, eat cake and enjoy life.